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5 Step Lawn Care

1st Application: Crabgrass Pre-Emergent & Fertilizer (March/April)

2nd Application: Broadleaf Weed Control & Fertilizer (Late April/May)

3rd Application: Insecticide (Late May/June)

4th Application: Broadleaf Weed Control & Fertilizer (August/September)

5th Application: Winterizer Fertilizer (October/November)

We also have additional services available including:

Preventative Grub Control

Curative Grub Control


Landscape & Design (Commercial & Residential)

We offer custom Computer designed landscapes for both Commercial & Residential properties.

Seeding & Sod

We offer both Sod & Seeding services. Whether you want the instant satisfaction of Sod or the slow, stable growth from Seeding;

We can do it!

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Retaining Walls are an attractive alternative to standard concrete retaining walls.

Retaining Walls
Core Aeration.jpg

Core Aeration is an essential part of lawn maintenance. The tines of the machine pull plugs of dirt out of the ground to open the ground for the roots to spread out and be stronger and healthier.


Irrigation is an excellent way to keep your yard green & healthy! The underground system is electronically controlled and can be set to water whether you are home or not.

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Paver Patios

Available in many colors, shapes, patterns and varieties, Paver Patios are a popular alternative to plain concrete.


Exactly what the name says! A unique & beautiful option for seating on a patio or around a firepit.

Seating Walls
Core Aeration
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Outdoor Kitchens

Do a lot of outdoor entertaining? Put in an outdoor kitchen! It's not only functional but eye-catching as well.

Water Features

Enjoy the soothing sound of flowing water with an outdoor water feature. Available with or without a pond.

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Fireplaces & Firepits

Cozy up to a beautiful outdoor fireplace. Or gather 'round a sturdy firepit. Both options can provide warmth to be enjoyed during the colder seasons. They look great as well!


We have bulk rock and mulch available. Our mulch comes in two colors: Brown & Red

Bulk Mulch & Rock

Hydrangeas, Roses & more! We have a wide variety of flowering shrubs to choose from. We also have Evergreen Shrubs for color all year.


We have a wide variety of Trees to offer. Including Shade Trees, Ornamental Trees & Evergreen Trees.

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